laundry room

When it comes to remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms tend to get a lot of attentionbut there is another room in most homes that could probably use a nice update.

Usually, the laundry room is hidden behind a door, so it can be easy to justify leaving everything stark white (and terribly boring); but think about how much more enjoyable laundry time would be if you were doing your tasks in a stylish room that was built with all of your laundry needs in mind.

Here are some ideas for livening up your laundry room:

Cabinetry and countertops

Does your current laundry room consist of a washer, a dryer and a white wire shelf to hold your detergents? If you have the space, it can be extremely beneficial to install cabinetry customized to fit the area around your appliances. This cabinetry would be the perfect solution for keeping your laundry items out of sight fabric softener, dryer sheets, detergents and more. Cabinetry can even be built to hide away your laundry bins, ironing board, drying racks and more.

Installing countertops in the laundry room can give you the perfect place to sort laundry before washing, and fold it as it comes out of the dryer. Any waterproof option from laminate to quartz will work well.

Flooring and Lighting

When it comes to flooring, youll want to opt for a waterproof material. Even though the laundry room may not see the most foot traffic in the home, it still must be durable to stand up to detergent or water spills. Ceramic tile, or even vinyl for those on a budget will be great options.

Lighting can be more than just a central fixture. Task lighting can be installed over the work area to help you spot treat stains and match socks during the folding process.

Shelving and Dcor

Just because many peoples laundry rooms are boring doesnt mean yours has to be. Personalizing the laundry room with your favorite pictures, paint colors and decorations will help keep your mood elevated while you work. Install shelving on empty walls to not only hold laundry items, but also framed photos, favorite quotations, vases or other decorative items.

If your Orlando area laundry room could use a refreshing transformation, contact our team for more ideas. When your room is complete, you may find yourself doing laundry more often and even inviting guests to see the space.

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