Kitchen lighting orlandotips for bathroom lighting, so it only seemed fair that kitchen lighting got some spotlight time – pun intended. When it comes to brightening up the kitchen space, weve noticed many homeowners tend to put it as an afterthought. A light is a light, right? Yikes thats what we were afraid of.

So much time and energy is put into coming up with the style, the material choices, the layout design, the appliances, etc. that many people forget to leave budget room for proper kitchen lighting. Big mistake.

Brighten things up in the kitchen

The three types of lighting to remember when planning your space are ambient, task and accent lighting. This will cover you with general lighting, lighting concentrated on areas where youll be working, and of course lighting to set the mood.

Take a look at this Elle Decor lighting guide for more information. If you have any questions regarding your remodel and are in the Orlando area, contact us for more information.

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