Central Work Triangle vs. Work ZonesIf youve read any kitchen remodel magazines lately, chances are you have heard a lot about the work zone and the work triangle in the kitchen. You may even be a little confused since they almost seem like they could be the same thing. We thought we would clear up a little confusion so when you do come to talk to your kitchen designer you will have a better idea of what they are talking about.

The Work Triangle

The work triangle originated in the 1940s to help people work more efficiently in the kitchen. The idea was to connect the range sink and refrigerator so that things flowed more easily. These three areas were set up in a triangular shape which is where the name came from. There was a required distance between these three work areas so that the workflow moved without obstacles. This accommodated smaller kitchens that typically had larger appliances back then. For years this has been the way of organizing and designing kitchens to make them more efficient.

Recently the concept of the work triangle has changed. Today not only has the size and layout of the kitchen changed but so has how we use our kitchens. The work triangle doesnt necessarily work for many of todays kitchen designs. Kitchens are larger and in many instances open to other areas of the home.

The Work Zones

Work zones are actually just a modified version Central Work Zonesof the work triangle. Rather than having one triangle there are at least 2 or more. The concept of work zones is that you will have most everything within reach or in close proximity for that activity. Today we have many different appliances and it is not uncommon to have more than one cook in the kitchen at the same time.

Kitchen designers needed to make some changes to accommodate the new size, layout and uses of the kitchen. The kitchen today has truly become the heart of the home. From homework, to paying bills to entertaining the use and function has changed. The different zones are grouped based on their use or function. For example you will want to consider storage for items such as a built in spice rack next to the stove where you will be cooking. You would not want to walk across the kitchen to get your spices or baking goods.

Determining the number of work zones or if a simple work triangle will work for your kitchen should be decided not only by your appliances but by your different daily routines that occur in the kitchen. Our kitchen designers can help you figure out these different zones to help you avoid those unwanted kitchen traffic jams.

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