central weddingWhile some of you may be intrigued or even laughing a little bit it is no joke that a recent study by Houzz found most kitchens outlast marriages. At Central Cabinetry we know that when choosing a quality cabinet it will last for years under normal wear and tear.

Homeowners today are committed to choosing a quality product and understand the overall importance and function of the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Individuals dont just remodel a kitchen on a whim and take the time to research and get what they want.

In the Houzz Kitchen Trend Study they found that 75 % of the people who choose to remodel is not because their kitchen has worn out.

Motivations for Remodeling

According to Houzz 37 % people have wanted to remodel all along and finally have the funds to do it. 28% have recently purchased a home and want to make it their own. Only 6% of people are remodeling to improve resale value.

houzz kitchen remodel motivations 2

What Homeowners Are Looking for in a Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners want to be compatible with their kitchen. They are looking to make their kitchen the heart of their home. It is no surprise that 65% of homeowners choosing to remodel want to improve their storage and organization. 46% want to improve their kitchen to make it easier to entertain. As families and lifestyles have changed so has the function of the kitchen. Below are the top-rated kitchen functions that people are looking for in a kitchen remodel.

Houzz toprated kitchen functions

Here at Central Cabinetry we are committed to helping you get a kitchen remodel that you will love and will last for years. By doing your Florida remodel the right way, it right will create less stress in your life and hopefully give you more time to work on those relationships. If you would like to talk to someone about getting started on your Orlando area kitchen you can click here.

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