Central_exterior_home_style.jpgGetting a new kitchen can be a lot of fun. It is a chance to start fresh and give your house a whole new look. Something many homeowners dont think about when choosing what style of kitchen they want is making sure there is some continuity between the exterior style of their home to the interior style of the home.

You may be wondering does it really matter if your kitchen style reflects the exterior style of your home? While there is no clear cut answer, in many cases it does matter. When looking for a home there are several things homeowners will take into consideration: the location, schools, neighborhoods, and the home style. It is the exterior style or curb appeal that usually creates that initial interest. If you were looking at purchasing an old Victorian home it might shock you to walk in and find a modern kitchen style. You might anticipate something more traditional with some rustic touches. So if you are considering a Central Florida kitchen remodel you will want to think about the following things before choosing your kitchen style.

Things to Think About

Is a move in the near future? If you plan on remodeling for resale you will want a kitchen that reflects the exterior home style. Unless you live in one of those neighborhoods where all the homes look the same then having something different and unique from the neighbors could be a big selling point.

What kitchen trends are popular for region or neighborhood? What homeowners want in the Orlando area is very different from what homeowners might want in New York. Our kitchen designers can show you the current trends for your neighborhood. One of the most popular kitchen styles that compliment almost any home is a transitional kitchen style.

Do you plan on changing the exterior style of your home? If you dont love the outside of your home and plan on changing the exterior than go with whatever kitchen style you want. Just make sure there is some continuity between the two styles you are considering.

While the kitchen does factor into the selling of your home and has often been referred to as buyers bait, the most important role of your kitchen is the design and overall function. You can have a beautiful kitchen but if it is not well planned and lacks storage options and other important features it will end up being a kitchen remodel you may regret.

Our kitchen design experts and Central Cabinetry can come to your home and suggest kitchen styles that will compliment your exterior home style. They can identify those popular trends and design elements that you dont want to leave out of your new kitchen or Central Florida kitchen remodel. If you would like to schedule a free initial design consultation with one of our kitchen designers you can contact us here.

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