Central_Kitchen_Trends_2016.jpgWith recently just having celebrated the New Year it is a great time to begin thinking about upcoming home remodeling projects we hope to accomplish in the coming year. Many of those projects will help us improve our overall lifestyle and achieve some of our recently set New Years resolutions.

For many homeowners at the top of there list will be a kitchen remodel. Now is probably the best time ever. The kitchen industry in the last 5 years has really changed and risen to occasion of designing universal kitchens that will accommodate individuals of any age. Also the overall design and function of the kitchen is better than it ever has been before. With more kitchen storage options, the development of work zones, and a variety of kitchen styles homeowners can get that custom kitchen that will not only increase the value of their home, but also improve and simply their current lifestyle.

While some kitchen remodeling trends such as universal design are here to stay other trends will be going away. So if you are considering a kitchen remodel in 2016 you will want to pay attention to exciting kitchen trends that will sizzle in 2016.

2016 Kitchen Trends

Neutral Colors– White will remain a constant favorite for kitchen cabinets. You can expect to see muted taupe and warmer greys. Some of those bolder and brighter colors of the past few years will be less prevalent. They will be used more as accent colors.

Metals This might be the year to recycle some of those old fixtures. Brass, gold, and copper are predicted to be big. Designers say homeowners like the warm feel they bring to the home.

TextureAdding texture and personality to the kitchen will continue to be big. You will see more brick and stone backsplashes, wood beams, beadboard and other materials that add visual interest to the kitchen.

Nature As we look to simplify our lives and slow down, nature will help create a calming influence in the kitchen. Its anticipated more stone, rustic wood, concrete, and bamboo will be incorporated in kitchen design.

Retro Vintage items with a contemporary sleek style will give kitchens the perfect chic look.

Our kitchen remodeling experts at Central Cabinetry are up to date on all the latest trends in kitchen design and materials. They also understand there is a balance between following trends and designing a custom kitchen for the homeowner. If you are considering purchasing Orlando kitchen cabinets to remodel your kitchen this year we would love to have a conversation with you. Our kitchen remodeling experts can not only get you the right cabinets and countertops for your Florida kitchen remodel, but also design a kitchen that meets the needs of your lifestyle and home. To schedule and appointment with one of our remodeling experts you can contact us here.

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