Central - Trends 2017.pngYear after year new kitchen trends surface, some showing promise and others not so much. Some may be popular for a short while and some trends may be worth the addition to your remodel.

This years lineup definitely shows some potential and these Orlando kitchen remodel trends undoubtedly have a future within kitchen remodels. If you are concerned about your remodel losing relevance, dont be because these trends have the power to satisfy any homeowner over an extended period of time.

2017 Kitchen Trends Worth Considering

  • White Cabinets According to the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) 67% of members said white cabinets are their top choice. Many homeowners are also going back to traditional white appliances.
  • Smaller Appliances – As lifestyles change homeowners are turning to smaller, more practical appliances, with the exception of double ovens. However, many are including a convection steam oven as one of their choices. Instead of an oversized refrigerator, people are using multiple smaller refrigerators in different areas of the kitchen, depending on what is needed in each kitchen work zone.
  • Quartz Countertops – According to Consumer Reports quartz is the toughest and most durable countertop material. You can choose from a range of solid colors in quartz that resemble the look of granite. They are lower maintenance and dont have to be sealed.
  • LED Cabinet lighting- From under cabinet lighting to illuminated toe kicks LEDs are creating stunning focal points. They last 5 times longer and dont emit heat so they are the safest form of lighting you can use and not worry about burning cabinets or walls. LEDs are becoming more affordable and have come down significantly in price.
  • Transitional Kitchen Style – This kitchen style combines contemporary kitchen trends with a touch of traditional looks. It appeals to almost all homeowners and gives a home a non-cluttered look.
  • Universal Design – Accessibility for all ages makes the function of the kitchen easier. From open shelving to side opening ovens at countertop height, you can choose from a variety of kitchen design options that will make your kitchen accessible to people of all ages.

At Central Cabinetry we are always looking to the future kitchen trends. Our kitchen design experts will help you incorporate those kitchen design trends that have staying power and make the most sense for your home. If you are ready to begin planning your upcoming Orlando kitchen remodel you can contact us here.