Flooring remodel orlandoKitchen floors used to be one of those items in your kitchen that were important but certainly werent the focus of your kitchen. Houzz’s Kitchen of the Week series highlights some of these interesting floor ideas. So how exactly do you make a floor interesting? See below for some examples.

Marmoleum done differently

Marmoleum floors are known for being green, bio-based, non-toxic, and easy to sustain. The Marmoleum material comes in a wide array of options for colors, prints, and designs. Its an interesting product of choice when you want your floor to be the focal point.

Plaid tile

No, tile is nothing new. The designs people are doing with vinyl tile are fresh though. Choosing different colors to represent different patterns and themes throughout the kitchen is an interesting way to put vinyl to use.

See the full article and more kitchen floors that are out of the ordinary here.

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