Kitchen Design Trends

For 2021


Kitchen Design Trends for the Incoming Year

It is an exciting time of the year. All of the worries and troubles of the past year begin to fade into the anticipation for the upcoming one. Here at Central Cabinetry, we are committed to looking forward. With that being said, let us break down some of the up-and-coming kitchen design trends for next year.

Marvel at Marble

It seems that marble countertops are coming back in a big way, particularly deep veined marble. These countertops take a little bit of maintenance, yet they scream luxury. If you are seeking to build a kitchen that says luxury and lavishness look no further. Marble countertops are sure to give your kitchen a modern appearance and the sleek design will help you launch your kitchen into the future.

No Hand(les)

A very modern look for kitchens that is becoming widely popular is the removal of handles on cabinets and drawers. This very much appeals to the minimalist design. It gives your kitchen a uniform, clean look. Everything will look perfectly symmetrical and this trend will very much appeal to those of you that want an organized feel to their kitchen. Taking advantage of push open mechanics allows for your kitchen to flow seamlessly without sacrificing any functionality.

Walnut (What?)

Believe it or not sleek wood finishes are on the rise and walnut is one of the materials that is becoming increasingly popular. Walnut is a darker finish that really brings out the grain of the wood cabinetry, yet it also appeals to luxurious style kitchens. This would be a great combination with a darker finish countertop such as a quartz or granite option.

Drawer Appliances

The minimalist design is very popular right now. People do not want the most open counter space possible in order for their kitchen to look modern. Drawer appliances, such as a drawer refrigeration. This trend has become popular because of the increased accessibility that it brings. Drawers are much easier to open than a chest freezer or and outside fridge. For those of you that are older, ergonomics is very important to you. This is a great trend to reduce strain on the lower back and increase ease of access.

These are just a few of a multitude of promising trends that are beginning to show for the upcoming year. Here at Central Cabinetry, we are dedicated to making your future kitchen remodel exactly that, yours. To see more ideas check out our free kitchen style guide below.

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