Central_Social_Kitchen.jpgNo one likes to be stuck in the kitchen when everyone else is having a good time. It is much more fun to interact with guests and family. There are a few things you can do to make your kitchen more social and place people will naturally congregate and want to spend time together. Part of making your kitchen the heart of the home is creating spots and areas that will heighten the overall social experience.

Kitchen Design Tips

  • Get rid of the clutter. Explore storage options.
  • Include a couple of seating options.
  • Choose a kitchen layout that is open to adjacent room such as a family room or outdoor living area.
  • Increase your kitchen lighting and have more than one light source.
  • Add a flat screen television.
  • Include a beverage station or cold beverage refrigerator.

When choosing Central Cabinetry to buy Central Florida kitchen cabinets you are getting so much more. You are assigned a professional kitchen designer that understands the importance of kitchen design and how to make the kitchen the heart of the home. We are not just here to sell you cabinets for your Orlando kitchen remodel. We will guide you through the remodeling process from beginning to end. If you want a more social kitchen and are ready to begin planning your upcoming home renovation you can schedule a free consultation here.

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