Digital Scrapbook 1.pngThey say a picture is worth 1,000 words. When youre planning a new kitchen or a kitchen remodel, this statement is even more important. Sometimes a picture can get the point across much better than trying to describe something youve seen.

Before taking on a kitchen remodel, many people think about and prepare for it sometimes up to 2 years before it happens. One of the best ways to keep and organize thoughts and ideas is to keep a digital scrapbook.

One of the great benefits of keeping a digital scrapbook, other than keeping track and organization, is that when you sit down with your designer you have an efficient and effective way of showing all the things you like. Sometimes trying to describe in words means things get lost in translation. Pictures get right to the point.

Another part of pictures is that seeing something helps you realize what you want. You know it when you see it! Just make sure that when you see it, you capture it!

Start by gathering pictures of what you want in your new completed home. There are a few ways to do this.

MagPic.pngPaper Magazines

In the old world scrapbooks consisted of cutting out pictures from books and magazines. You can still do that, but theres a better way. Still, youll notice a plethora of kitchen idea magazines at big box stores and others. These can be great. Just capture the things you like from them and keep them in a good place you can share with your designer.

Smartphone w Kitchen.pngThe Underutilized Camera Everyone Has

No matter where you are, or what youre looking at when you see a good idea, use your smartphone as a tool to capture ideas. You can take a live picture, picture in a magazine, or even a picture of a computer screen. Anything can be snagged and put into your digital scrapbook.

Heres one way we recommend organizing your photos you capture. Create folders (on your phone or computer) with the following:

  • Must Haves The stuff you KNOW you want in your project.
  • Nice-To-Haves You would love to have these, but youre not sure you can swing them yet.
  • Think-About-These If theyre doable in budget and simplicity, you would consider these.
  • For-Reference Keep interesting things to look at later.

Pictures from the Internet

Kitchen PIcts.pngIn todays world EVERYTHING can be found on the Internet. Search any term like kitchen ideas, or kitchen design ideas, or kitchen storage options and on and on. You will find plenty of pictures of anything and everything. When you see what you like, you can save the picture to your local computer or tablet (on most computers by doing right-click save picture). Put them in your organized folders as described above.

Online Tools to Assist

Below of a few examples of some online resources to help you. These can be a place to find tons of ideas, as well as give you a structure to save those ideas.

Pinterest Logo.png(

Pinterest is an online resource with tons of kitchen ideas. You can create online boards to save pictures you like in and categorize your findings. Then you may want to share your boards or review them with your designer.

Pinterest Boards.png

HouseBeautifulLogo.png( is a home design resource with a lot of pictures and ideas. It also has articles about design and styles to guide you.

HouseBeautiful Pic.png

Houzz Logo.png(

Houzz is an online all-inclusive home resource with lots of articles, studies, guides and pictures, including kitchens and kitchen designs. Articles will help you understand the process of remodeling as well as things to think about when doing a new kitchen.

Houzz Pic.png


HGTV is another all-inclusive set of ideas and resources for doing just about anything to your home. Its a website connected to the TV show for all things remodel.

HGTV Pic.png

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Website Galleries

Another great resource for ideas can be cabinet manufacturers websites. Many of them host galleries of pictures featuring their cabinets and options. You can search Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers on the web and search through their product showcases.

At Central Cabinetry well help you put all your favorite things into your new kitchen so the end result is exactly what youre looking for. Our expert designers are ready to help you get started. Contact us here so we can guide you along the way.

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