Central_Work_Triangle_vs._Work_Zones.pngThe kids are gone and the kitchen that was once bustling is no longer used in the way it was. For many of us there is more time to entertain and it is the perfect time for a kitchen renovation. Its time to have a kitchen that fits your new lifestyle.

So what is it that most empty nesters are looking for in a new kitchen remodel?

Efficiency and Organization – Most empty nesters want a kitchen that has a clean look and is well organized. We recommend a better use of drawers and pullout shelves. It prevents reaching and makes it easier to see and get to items.

If you dont have one, its probably time to have a pull-out trash can. We also recommend vertical tray storage. You can see what you have and it is easy to slide trays and cooking pans in and out without having to lift or stack items. There is a variety of other storage and organization options to choose from to have the most efficient and organized kitchen.

Universal DesignAccessibility to the kitchen no matter who may be using the kitchen whether it is grandchildren, aging parents, or anyone else regardless of height or ability is a high priority for empty nesters. Many designers will recommend placing the cabinets and most used items above your knees and below your eyes. Many empty nesters prefer a wall oven instead of one that is under the countertop. Instead of a large refrigerator you might consider a smaller refrigerator with a few pullout refrigerator draws for snacks and drinks.

Low Maintenance: There are so many different types of cabinet and countertop materials. Some will require more maintenance than others. Choose a door style with limited detail. A flat panel door style gives you those clean and simple lines that everyone wants in their kitchen design. A raised panel door has more crevices where dirt can collect. Choose a quartz countertop. They are durable, scratch and stain resistant. They dont require sealing. You can learn more about low-maintenance cabinets and countertops here.

Space to entertain Its a great time to invite friends over and create a space that is easy to entertain and socialize in. The open concept where the kitchen runs into the living room is still very popular. With the nice weather in Orlando, many people are opening up their entertaining to connected outdoor areas. We suggest including a few warming drawers, creative seating, and even a beverage station.

At Central Cabinetry, we dont just design and sell you a kitchen. We design a kitchen thats customized to the needs of you and your household. If you have recently hit that empty nesters stage and are ready to explore your Orange County kitchen remodel we would love to have a conversation with you. We will come to your home to measure your space and find out how to customize and design a kitchen that is just right for you.

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