Central KBIS HighlightsJust a few months ago thousands of industry professionals converged on Las Vegas for a week to learn and see the future of kitchen and bath remodels. This years show did not disappoint. There were many new and innovative products that were introduced and we will be seeing in the near future. Most industry professionals will agree that the show was worth the trip and was a huge success.

We also learned that Central Cabinetry is on the right track and ahead of the game in some respects. While you may not have even been aware of the show and wish you had known, no worries, we are going to share some of our favorite highlights.

Highlights KBIS 2015

Universal Design – Todays kitchens are designed with everyone in mind. Designers are making kitchens accessible to everyone regardless of their age, size or disability. We noticed more open shelving. Homeowners want a kitchen that they wont outgrow as them as they age. Bathroom remodels are also following this trend. Seamless showers with benches are a standard in newer construction and home remodels.

GE Refrigerator Built in Coffee MakerTechnology – Technology is everywhere and it is no different for the kitchen and bathrooms. You can expect to see more high tech appliances and built in charging stations in the countertop. Everyone was talking about the new Caf Series with a Keurig K-Cup Brewing System that GE introduced at the show. Why not combine your professional grade beverage system with your refrigerator.

Micro Living – As Americans try to downsize they are learning to live in smaller spaces and do with less. Designers are getting their ideas from Europe and utilizing popular storage ideas. You would be surprised what you can do with a small space.

Formica Countertops KBISCountertops Formica has a new look for laminate. They have partnered with a professional artist Jonathon Adler and released some new trendy designs. Many are saying these new designs just might give granite and quartz a run for their money. They add texture and a pop of color to any kitchen. You can click here for more information and additional images. Other countertop materials that seem to be catching on are exotic woods and stainless steel.

Grey Tones Grey seems to be getting warmer with a hint of brown. It is perfect if you are looking for a contemporary look.

21st Century Toilet Probably one of our favorites was this toilet that resembles a comfortable chair. As people are adding living room touches to their bathroom, we had to mention this.

KBIS Toilechic

Hands Free This goes along with universal design. While we arent convinced this will stick around we thought it was worth mentioning. Manufacturers are coming out with cabinets that open with the wave of a hand or touching a certain spot. It will eliminate the need for hardware. The big concern is the cost and potential for something to go wrong. Anytime you add electronics it increases the price and it is usually not an easy fix. This is something we will be keeping our eye on over the next few years.

Central Cabinetry understands the importance of staying up on the latest trends. We are committed and always looking for ways to improve our kitchen and bath remodels. We also know the difference between a fad that will be short lived or a trend that is likely to be around for a while. You can feel confident talking to our kitchen designers and know that you will get a kitchen or bath remodel that will last for years.

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