Kitchen peninsula benefitsWhen it comes to the topic of kitchens, most people have at least heard of kitchen islands. Theyre a hot commodity if you’ve got the room to install one, as they can really increase your counterspace and storage, and even the flow of your kitchen allowing for more flexibility on appliance placement, work zones and guest seating. But, the island isnt the only feature that can add this kind of function.

Have you heard of a peninsula?

Although you may not know what a peninsula is by its name, theres a high probability that youve seen one (or even had one). A peninsula is basically an island that is attached to a wall or existing cabinetry on one side. It ranges in size and can be configured to fit your needs, just like islands can. Peninsulas work great in kitchens that dont have enough room for an island, or simply for homeowners who prefer the layout.

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