central_peninsula_2If you are getting ready to build a new home or are considering an Orlando kitchen remodel you may be anticipating including an island. Whether you have one now or not, chances are you would like one.

Kitchen islands are wonderful when included in the right kitchen layout. A kitchen island can add function and style to any kitchen remodel. They increase the amount of workspace you have, store appliances such a small refrigerator drawer or even become the main cooking hub of the kitchen. In many kitchens they become the focal point around which a majority of the activity in the kitchen revolves.

central_islandBut is an island really what your new kitchen needs? In some kitchens a peninsula or u-shaped kitchen might actually be a better option. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen an island isnt always the most practical or beneficial choice. When homeowners consider their options they may actually get more storage and extra seating by including a peninsula in their kitchen design instead. While they both have their benefits it is important to compare the two and determine which kitchen layout is actually best for the space you have.

3 Key Factors to Help You Decide

  1. Space and size of kitchen Is there enough space between the island and the remaining cabinets in the rest of the kitchen? It is recommended that you allow at least 36 inches between and island and other cabinets. This will prevent those kitchen traffic jams. You also dont want drawers and doors banging into each other.
  2. Work Zones Every kitchen design is a little bit different. That is because no two households function the same. You need to decide what types of activities will happen in the kitchen. If you need extra seating and dont have enough room for a large island, then a peninsula might be better. You will also want to determine where a majority of the cooking will take place and what items need to be close.
  3. Floor plan – Whether you kitchen is open or closed can also affect the layout. Do you have an open or closed kitchen? In a closed kitchen the amount of space is sometimes limited.

Here at Central Cabinetry our kitchen design experts can help you decide whether an island or peninsula is right for your kitchen. While in some kitchens it may just be what you prefer, our designers can use our CAD (computer aided software) to let you see your kitchen before you decide. They can also help you weigh your different options so you can make the choice that is right for your household. If you would like to talk to one of our design experts about designing a kitchen for your Orlando remodel or new home you can contact us here.

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