Sometimes you walk into someones kitchen and there is just something about how nice it looks. Something feels different than what youre used to seeing. Well that something might be the above-cabinet dcor. Its something that few kitchens have mastered, because it takes some design and thinking to do it right.

Here are some ideas to help you with this method to make your kitchen have that extra flair people will love when they visit.

Above Cabinet Lighting

Just like under-cabinet lighting, above-cabinet lighting can make your kitchen look very warm, relaxing and inviting. Theres something about warm lighting that makes a place feel like you want to stay there.

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You might even want to get creative with color!

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Above Cabinet3.pngPlants / Foliage

Plants are a great addition to the top of your cabinets. They give a feel of life to your kitchen (even though you may use fake plants for ease of care!).

Above Cabinet4.pngCreative Storage

You can store all kinds of stuff creatively over your cabinets. If you need space, find a way to make it look nice and organized. Store supplies, dishes, wine, food, or whatever looks good to you.

Above Cabinet5.pngDisplay

If you have fine china or fixtures you want to display to the world instead of sticking them out of sight, make a creative display above your cabinets.

Above Cabinet6.pngPictures

Personalize your space or give it an art feel by putting pictures or paintings above your cabinets.

Above Cabinet7.pngSeasonal

The space above your cabinets is a perfect place to decorate for holidays. Use it to spice up your holiday parties and family get-togethers with your holiday lights and decorations.

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Creative STUFF!

Theres no limit to what kind of things go well on top of cabinets. Be creative and make it personal. Some people love roosters, so put roosters up there! Maybe you like to collect things. Its a great place to display your hobbies. Look around for things that would work well and try it out.

At Central Cabinetry, we can help you do the things that will make your kitchen stand out above all the rest. Contact us here to get started.

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