Central Energy Efficient RemodelThe first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear the words energy efficient is probably appliances, light fixtures and water saving faucets. While those are all important in an energy efficient kitchen remodel many homeowners overlook the importance of cabinets. Now you are probably thinking how can a cabinet be energy efficient? It is the process that is used to make those cabinets and what goes into that product. If you truly want an energy efficient Florida kitchen remodel you will want to look for a cabinet company that uses sustainable materials. You dont want to underestimate the value of using a cabinet company that makes and uses ecofriendly products.

3 Tips for an Energy Efficient Kitchen

  1. Choose sustainable materials At Central Cabinetry we only use manufacturers who are committed to sustainability. They make and use cabinet products that minimize the environmental impacts through recycling wastes and use low emission coatings. They are a part of the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program. These products have minimal impact on the environment and use renewable resources.
  2. Choose Low maintenance and durable products Its important to consider the amount of energy it takes to use a product. An example would be a quartz countertop.
  3. Look for company that has a low HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) -Whether you realize it or not the pollutants used in your cabinets escape into the air of your home.

Here at Central Cabinetry we committed to protecting the environment and the world in which we live. We can help you design an energy efficient kitchen without sacrificing quality. The future of our area is important to us. If you are considering remodeling your Florida kitchen and would like to talk to one of our design experts about designing an energy efficient kitchen you can contact us here.

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