Central white cabinetsWho doesnt love a white kitchen? You see them everywhere! Just look on Pinterest or pick up a magazine and white seems remain a popular choice for Florida kitchen remodels. White cabinets go with just about anything, they dont ever seem to go out of style, and can make your kitchen seem larger. If you are considering selling your home anytime in the future it is a safe choice.

If white is such a popular choice, what is it that keeps people from using them in their kitchen remodel? It all boils down to, can you really keep your cabinets looking new and will they stay white over time. In reality choosing a white cabinet requires no more maintenance than any other style of cabinet if you want your kitchen to continue to look great. There are some recommended tips for keeping your kitchen cabinets white.

Tips and Advice

  • Choose a quality cabinet– It does matter who you buy your cabinets from. Typically a tight grained lumber such as maple is recommended. You are better to go with a painted white cabinet instead of a laminate white cabinet.
  • Clean cabinets regularly – It is recommended that you wipe down your cabinets once a month but also use the right cleaning solutions. Harsh chemicals can damage the paint and wood on your cabinets.
  • Ventilate your kitchen It is recommended that you install an exhaust fan in a range hood or built-in microwave. It will help filter the extra moisture and grease from cooking. This will help prevent discoloration of your cabinets.
  • Limit direct sunlight exposure – It is the exposure of the sun that can cause cabinets to yellow over time. You can use either a window film or some type of window covering such as blinds to block the sunlight.
  • Clean up spills immediately Cabinets and countertops can absorb the color of food and drinks if not cleaned up right away.

If you absolutely are looking for that classic white kitchen look there is no reason why you cant have it. If you would like to talk to one of our kitchen design experts at Central Cabinetry you can contact us here.

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