Many people approach their new kitchen remodel in Orlando with tunnel vision focused mainly on their budget.

We know from much experience that this limited vision prevents them from looking into options we KNOW they would want to have in their kitchen, even if it meant giving up something else to make the budget work. But the budget focus ends up clouding decisions and they go down a simpler path.

Kitchen Regret Fotolia 49443325 SKitchen and bath industry studies show that more than 1/3 of homeowners, after doing their kitchen, wish they had done more and even feel regret that they didnt.

It could be the quality of the cabinets, or not enough accessories to organize things, or maybe a nicer countertop material. However you look at it, regret is not what you want to feel after spending such a large effort on something you and your family should enjoy for many years.

What We Recommend

In the Orlando area, many people will tell you: decide what you want to spend, and stick to it. That may be okay, as long as it doesnt get in the way of this second philosophy: go in with eyes OPEN and determine what you REALLY want. Then prioritize the list from most important to the least important. We call this the list of gems.

Once you know your list of true gems, you can merge that with your target budget starting at the most important gem. This is the best way to make sure you dont end up with regrets.

Some gems are more powerful than others as far as your satisfaction with your kitchen. There may be one gem that overshadows all others in your kitchen remodel. This is the large gem. There will also be smaller gems you find as you go about designing your kitchen.

Sadly, many people let their budget get in the way of even looking for the gems that would make them the happiest. They end up with a couple of mediocre gems that theyre content with, when they couldve had the large gem instead and been completely overjoyed with the result.

The Question to Always Ask Yourself

There is a question you should always ask yourself throughout the process of remodeling your kitchen. When you look at something and say I want that, ask yourself: Why do I want that?. The answer to that question will expose the larger gems.

Happy Kitchen Fotolia 61536867 XSFor example say you saw a pantry cabinet organizer and said I WANT THAT IN MY KITCHEN. Well if you stop there and tell your designer, youll get just that; a pantry cabinet organizer. BUT if you ask yourself the question why do I want that, the answer might be, because Im borderline OCD and I really need my kitchen to be a place of organization for my family so I can live happily.

Theres your gem. Your designer would now know exactly how to make your kitchen the most amazing place on earth for you, by designing for the gem. The result would mean more satisfaction with your kitchen than ever would have happened without knowing about that gem.

So begin your kitchen remodel open to the possibilities. Then once you know what your largest gems are, you can merge them with your budget and end up with a much better result.

Our designers at Central Cabinetry understand the process of finding the gems in your kitchen remodel, and will help you ensure there are no regrets when youre done.

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