central_remodeling_contractor.jpgTypically when taking on a home remodeling project it usually involves more than one room. For example it might include the family room and kitchen. In some instances there are walls that are being removed, moved or added. Or it might involve adding square footage to your house to enlarge your kitchen. When taking on a project of this magnitude it usually requires hiring a remodeling contractor.

You may wonder how they will work with the company you purchase your cabinets from? Have no worries, Central Cabinetry does this all the time. They understand the responsibilities of each and their aspects of the remodeling project. They know when and where they need to be involved and how best to coordinate and guide your remodeling contractor. Below is what typically happens when you work with a remodeling contractor and Central Cabinetry.

Who Does What?

Your Remodeling Contractor

Your contractor is like your quarterback who coordinates all aspects of your remodel. Contractors are typically involved if there are multiple trades necessary to complete the job, and there is structural work involved in the remodel, like moving walls (or adding new ones), or tearing up floors and things like that.

They look at dependencies of all the trades involved in your project, coordinate all the work that has to be done and manage the schedule. The contractor helps make sure it all happens in concert for a beautiful end result, and the least amount of problems or hiccups.

Your Cabinet Company

Since your remodeling contractor isnt the expert at everything, especially something as tricky as cabinets and countertops, Central Cabinetry provides expert design and installation to give you the perfect kitchen. Cabinet companies work hand-in-hand with your contractor to get the job done right the first time.

Central Cabinetry measures your home, is responsible for the kitchen design and makes sure anything related to your kitchen design and installations works as planned. They help you understand the latest trends, styles and options so you are completely happy with your choices. They know how before finalizing to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that so many people encounter when taking on a remodel, and theyll make sure you do it right the first time.

If youre thinking about taking on an Orlando kitchen remodel, contact an expert at Central Cabinetry and they will steer you in the right direction. Whether you have a contractor or are just in the beginning phases of decisions, our team will help you do the right things at the right time so youre completely happy with the result.

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