Central Kitchen Design ConsultationIn any remodeling project you want to do, sometimes the hardest thing is to know how to get started. When remodeling your kitchen or bath we recommend that you come in and meet with us so we can help you uncover your ultimate style and vision.

Before meeting with us there are some things you can do to prepare ahead of time to get the most out of your free kitchen design consultation. This will help you take advantage of the time you have with our designers and it will help us to know better what you are thinking. The better prepared you are the more we can get accomplished.

What to Do Ahead of Time

  • Make a collection of pictures and ideas We suggest that you have a file or notebook to store your ideas and pictures in. Dont just collect pictures, make sure you document or make notations as to what you like about that picture. For example do you like the crown molding, color of cabinets, or was it the door style. Some homeowners will use post it notes for notations and put them right on the picture.
  • Create a list of things you like about your current kitchen and those things you dont Having this list will give your designer a better idea of what is working well in your kitchen and what is not. This will let your designer know those things you want to keep and what needs to be changed. Its like going to the doctor. If you dont write down what is wrong sometimes you leave and realize you forgot to talk about the main reason you went in the first place. This will prevent you from forgetting those major things that need to change whether it is more storage, countertop space, or layout.
  • Find out what your budget is It is always nice to have an idea but knowing exactly what you can afford is so much better. Its important to be realistic. This will help your designer so they wont suggest things that you cant afford. It will also help you and your designer better prioritize what is most important. There are those upgrades that are worth doing and those you can do without. Make sure you let your designer know those things that are non-negotiable and what you are not willing to go without. Let them know the Why you want a particular feature in your kitchen.
  • Bring in photos of the existing space with blue prints if possible – This will give you designer a clearer picture of the space you are working with. Especially if you plan on knocking out walls. This will impact the different layouts that may be available and will work with your space. Most designers will want to come and measure the actual space once you decide to proceed with the project.

If you would like to come in for a free kitchen design consultation at Central Cabinetry and have a conversation with one of our designers about your Florida kitchen remodel you can contact us here. We look forward to meeting you and guiding you through all the steps of a successful kitchen remodel.

Click below to download the steps to getting a remodeling quote.

Steps to Getting a Quote