Home remodeling styleChoosing a style theme to use throughout your home is not always an easy task – in fact, it can be quite confusing if you’re new to it. There are so many different options, and many can seem to blur together after awhile. For this reason, we recommend you start your remodeling or decorating process by researching your options, before making any purchases.

Find your style

Homeowners today have unlimited resources at their disposal – from remodeling and design professionals to home remodeling shows, blogs and other informational sites. We found these two quizzes to be a fun, informal way to get started:

What’s Your Decorating Style

What’s Your Design Style

If you’re in the Orlando area and would like help figuring out your remodeling style, pull together some pictures of rooms that speak to you, and come visit us. We can work together to find looks you’ll love.

Kitchen Style Guide