Hamonizing wood finishesChoosing the finish on your cabinet can be a tough decision, but having to consider if it will match your existing hardwood floors (or the new one youll be putting in) can really throw a wrench in the process. Much like choosing paint colors that go well together, choosing wood finishes takes a keen eye for shade and finish. Wood isnt just wood, and you cant throw any two finishes together.

Matchmaking Guidelines

In the recent years, two-toned kitchens have become a trend, but if youre looking for something a little less jarring, and want everything to work together, youve got to follow a few wood matchmaking guidelines.

  • Using light woods with dark woods can work if you create a space that works with contrasting colors. Make sure each makes its own statement, instead of trying to get the contrasting colors to feed off each other.
  • Dont assume that just because its the same type of wood, it will match correctly. While using the same type of wood can make for a unified look you cant guarantee that they will match exactly, giving you that feeling that something is just a bit off. Much like paint colors, if you are using similar wood finishes, try to choose finishes a few shades off from each other.
  • Before you commit to your two choices of wood, get samples of each and keep them in your home for a while. The space you are using them in may see different light throughout the day, and the colors in the wood may not work well together in broad daylight, or under overhead lighting.

How to Incorporate Two Wood Finishes

There are plenty of options for using two different wood finishes in your kitchen or bath. Try only using the wood for your wall cabinets, and either a painted cabinet or a laminate cabinet for the bottom. This puts a large amount of space between the two woods. You can also consider using wood cabinets for just the island as a contrasting piece to the kitchen.

There are plenty of design options when creating your kitchen and bath. Choose wood finishes that fit your style desires, and you wont go wrong. If you have questions about your remodeling project, speak with one of the experts at Central Cabinetry today.

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