There are many flavors of kitchen island configurations. When considering the best way to design your kitchen island, it helps to look at all the options to determine which ones will fit your needs the most.

Weve compiled some popular and useful ideas for your kitchen island to help you choose the ones that will benefit you.

Pull Out Spice Rack.pngPull-Out Spice Rack

Hide and organize your spices or other things into a pullout. The island may be a good place to put these types of things.

Microwave in Island.pngMicrowave in the Island

If you like a lower, reachable microwave that your kids will love to use, try putting one in the island. You can put one on a shelf or build it in with a cabinet.

Bookshelf in Island.pngBookshelf at end of Island

The end of your island can be used for various purposes. A bookshelf is a great way to either display nice things or use as a functional bookshelf.

Island Wine Rack.pngIsland Wine Rack or Cooler

Make your island your place to store and chill wine. You can add a wine rack and a wine fridge to make it easily accessible.

Decorative Corbels.pngDecorative Corbels or Legs

A very popular way to make your island look very nice is using decorative corbels, legs or posts. See what is offered from your designer and determine how to make it look the best.

Rollout Shelves.png

Rollout Shelves and Pullout Trash Bin

Rollouts are always a great way to organize and make you efficient. Use rollout shelves, pull-out trash bins, pull-out appliance shelves, and many other options like this.

Sitting Area.pngSitting Area

Add a sitting area for family breakfast or socializing in the kitchen.

Deep Dish Drawers.pngDeep Dish Drawers

Many people like to store dishes lower and not reach for them. A dish drawer is a great way to make dishes accessible in your island.

Foot Rest.pngFoot Rest

Kids love to kick the back of an island when seated. Give them and others something to do with their feet when sitting at your island by adding a foot rest.

Dog Dish 2.png

Dog or Cat Feeder

Make your animals part of your kitchen island and more like part of the family. You can integrate your pets food and water bowls into your island in various ways.

Popup Outlet 1.pngPopup Outlets

So many electronics, not enough places to plug them in. Consider a pop-up power outlet to plug computers or other electronics in while sitting at the island.

Stone Back of Island.pngStone Back of Island

Rather than wood decorative panels, you may opt to do something different on the back of your island. Try a stone look to change the feel of your kitchen.

Island Sink.pngIsland Sink

If you want to be more efficient and get work done faster, or have multiple cooks in your kitchen, consider adding another sink in your island.

At Central Cabinetry, we know all about the options to make your island the most amazing island possible. Ask one of our design experts how to help you achieve your island goals.

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