Its that time of year again and the holidays are Central   Holiday Prepramping up. Relax, its not too late and there is still time to do a few things in the kitchen so you dont quickly become overwhelmed. Dont get stressed. Get organized! A little organization and thinking ahead can alleviate a lot of stress and make for a more enjoyable holiday season. Over the coming weeks you can do the following things to be ready for the holidays.

  • Clear the clutter Take the time to clean off the extra stacks of paper and bills that might be collecting at the end of the counter. Get rid of extra things sitting on the counter that you dont use. Now is a great time to get a tax deduction by donating things just sitting around.
  • Clean your appliances – Take time to clean out the refrigerator and make room for the extra leftovers. Clean up any spills in ovens or stoves. Its no fun having a small fire that can quickly turn to disaster. If you are concerned about any appliances that are unreliable, you might consider replacing them now.
  • Add storage – Here at Central Cabinetry we have many unique storage ideas that can increase your storage capacity. You might even consider adding an island as a contrast if you are not ready to remodel or may not need a full kitchen. You wont need to worry about matching existing cabinets.Two-tone kitchens are a new and contemporary trend that we think is here to stay.
  • Dust and clean cabinets – You want your kitchen to shine. Before the holidays is a good time to do routine cleaning. Use a mild soap and avoid harsh cleaners that can damage the finish of your cabinets.
  • Clean out and organize your pantry – Take an inventory of what you have and get rid of any old or expired food. You can save time and money with an organized kitchen pantry. Get rid of any old spices. The quality of the spices can affect the flavor of the food.
  • Childproof your kitchen Look around for little hazards that could cause an accident or put a damper on the holidays. Chances are there will be some extra little ones running around. There are several things you can do to have a family friendly kitchen.
  • Collect and organize recipes – Knowing where your recipes are before starting will help with getting a more accurate shopping list and will give you time to locate any that may be lost or misplaced. No one wants to miss out on grandmas cranberry stuffing or your aunts homemade butter-flake rolls.

We hope that by taking the time to get organized and plan ahead you will enjoy relaxing holiday celebrations filled with lasting memories. If there is anything we can do here at Central Cabinetryto make your holidays special you can contact us here.

For a free holiday decor guide click below to download.

Holiday Decor Guide