Central paying attention to detail.pngWhen deciding to purchase a new kitchen or remodel your current kitchen it involves more than just picking cabinets and countertops. From choosing your kitchen layout, cabinet interiors and identifying work zones, it will all have an impact on your overall satisfaction of your kitchen.

There are a lot of little details that homeowners dont always think about than can make or break a successful kitchen remodel. Using a company that employs professional kitchen designers takes the guesswork out of a remodel and ensures a customers overall satisfaction.

There is nothing worse than going to have your kitchen installed and find out it doesnt fit or work for the space you have.

Crucial Details to Consider

Kitchen Layout– Different kitchen layouts work better for different floor plans. When choosing your layout, it is important to consider who will be using the kitchen and how many cooks will there be at the same time. The layout you choose will affect your overall kitchen workflow.

Cabinet Interiors Homeowners can choose from a variety of kitchen storage optionsfor just about anything you can think of from a hidden trash pull-out, rollout-shelving, to built-in utensil dividers. The cabinet interiors you choose should coincide with your kitchen work zones.

Cabinet Molding The style of your kitchen will determine what type of molding will work best for your kitchen. Some kitchens may not need any cabinet molding at all. In most kitchens it definitely gives the kitchen a finished look and in many cases can make an ordinary cabinet look like furniture. Learn about you different cabinet molding options and discuss with your kitchen designer what type of molding will add the most and have the biggest impact on your new kitchen.

Dimensions– Getting accurate kitchen measurements will help you avoid common kitchen remodeling mistakes. Our professional designers will measure the space you have to make sure the cabinets and layout will work with your space. This will help improve the overall appeal of your kitchen.

Installation and Planning– Its important to understand that there is a certain order in which most things need to happen in a kitchen remodel. It would be a disaster to have the flooring contractors in while your kitchen cabinets are being installed.Also make sure you know what appliances you will be purchasing and let your designer know or they may not fit.

At Central Cabinetry our professional kitchen designers know the importance of paying attention to detail. You wont have to worry as much about all the little details, because thats our job. You will be involved in the entire design process so you are comfortable with decisions that are being made. If you are ready to have a conversation about your upcoming Orlando area kitchen remodel and would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our professional kitchen designers you can contact us here.

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