Central   lightingIts always the little things and extras that sometimes seem to make the biggest difference. You can have two kitchens that are almost identical except for the lighting and they look completely different. One might be more inviting and highlight special features while in the second kitchen these features go relatively unnoticed. Whats the difference? The lighting the homeowner is using.

Understanding and using the right lighting in your Orlando kitchen remodel cannot only give you a kitchen that wows, but help your kitchen become the room in your house that stands out. Lighting not only adds character and makes it visually pleasing but also affects how we work in our kitchen. Lighting is also like adding jewelry to kitchen and by putting it in unexpected places will give your kitchen a more custom look.

There are 3 main types of lighting. Understanding what they are and how you can use them in your kitchen remodel will help you when designing your kitchen with one of our kitchen design experts.

  • Ambient Lighting This is your describe the imagestandard lighting that illuminates the room. This includes ceiling lights and sometimes wall mounted lights. It is the light we use for walking around, finding objects and conversation. A popular choice is recessed canned lights. But dont go overboard. You can have too many. You will want to use other types of lighting as well. Consider the wattage of your fixtures. If you opt for a low wattage ceiling light you may not have the illumination you need.
  • Accent Lighting Draws attention to certain features of your kitchen. Maybe you want to have a light that draws attention to an intricate backsplash or bounces off your decorative ventilation hood. It can highlight artwork or maybe a beautiful glass door that is installed inside your cabinets. You might consider using LED lights to highlight a shelf with pretty dishes or even lights that shine up from the toe kick that reflect and show off your lower cabinets or flooring.

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  • Task Lighting This lighting is more concentrated and is used for tasks such as chopping vegetables, paying bills, or even doing homework. It will brighten food prep areas, built in desks, and designated seated areas. Many people opt for pendant lights over a bar or island. Or also under cabinet lighting.

Central Task Lighting

We recommend that you not just use one type of lighting. It can have a more dramatice effect if you use layered lighting. Using a combination of these three different types of lighting will be the perfect touch to doing your kitchen right. To learn more about using lighting in your kitchen remodel and 8 mistakes to avoid you can click here.

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