Central_noisy_cabinets.jpgWherever you are in the house, do you hear the reverberating sound of kitchen cabinet doors slamming frequently? If you have kids, this sound is probably all too familiar. Or if your house is older than around 2005 you are VERY likely to know what were referring to.

You might have gotten so used to it that you dont notice it as much anymore. Well, the good news is, you dont have to live with it any longer. There are simple solutions to either make it better, or quiet them altogether.

Solution #1 Complexity = Zero

Replace the Bumper Pads

Your cabinet doors and drawers get noisier as the bumper pads that used to be on them wear down or fall off. You can get a whole sheet of replacement bumper pads at a hardware store for a few bucks. This takes NO skill and anyone can do it.

Solution #2 Complexity = Medium

Install Soft-Close Dampers

If youve never heard of Soft-Close doors and drawers in a kitchen, youre in for a treat. Otherwise known as Quiet Close, these little dampers make it so you cant hear anything when a door or drawer is shut. Even if its slammed shut! They are installed close to the hinge of the door (or on the frame of a drawer) to catch the door or drawer before they hit and slow it down to a crawl. The result is like butter. Or so smooth and quiet you wont believe it.

These dampers can be purchased through a cabinet company or from some hardware stores and installed following instructions and with a drill gun. They screw into the frame of the cabinet. NOTE: follow instructions carefully to not cause a crack in the face of the cabinet.

Solution #3 Complexity = Medium / High

Install Replacement Soft-Close Hinges

This is the most perfect solution, but also requires the most ingredients to get it done. First, you need to find hinges that match the placement and style of the hinges you have now. For example, your hinges may have holes bored into the doors. You would need similar style hinges, for the same size hole, with soft close built into them to replace yours.

These hinges can be purchased at a cabinet company, hardware stores, or online stores. Be careful not to purchase them until you know they will work for your cabinets. See if you can purchase one to try it out if youre doing it as a DIY project. Your cabinet company may be able to do it for you if you feel its safer and worth saving the effort.

You wont believe the difference in decibels in your kitchen when you solve the slamming door problem. Its worth the effort and short time to make it nice. And those that visit you will love it as well because its really cool to watch as the doors and drawers close ever-so-smoothly.

At Central Cabinetry we offer soft-close doors and drawers in all of our brands of cabinets. If youre ready to discuss what you can do to improve your kitchen contact us here.

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