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Creative Ways to Make Extra Storage

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you want to play it safe. Most homeowners try to avoid taking risks during the design process. That being said, why not add a touch of ingenuity and make your kitchen unique with one of these creative kitchen design ideas below? With these creative storage ideas, you are sure to make your kitchen feel more spacious without making your wallet so.

Add Shelves to Your Backsplash

With the addition of shelving to your kitchen backsplash, you not only create more storage space but have the potential to give your kitchen a unique look as well. Glassware stored on glass shelving is a great option that is sure to make your new kitchen stand out. With the shelves located between the countertops and the cabinets you allow an extra amount of storage without giving your home an overcrowded look or feel. You could even choose wood shelves if you wanted to go for a rustic aesthetic in your kitchen. There are numerous options when it comes to this feature yet any of them will help spice up your kitchen and turn it into something unique to show off.


  1. Think Vertically

Racks hung on the walls is not an altogether new idea, yet it is still not very common in the modern kitchen. Hanging pots and pans, dish racks, and even utensils from the walls and ceiling give your kitchen a futuristic look while saving you a large amount of space in your cabinets as well. Be sure to take advantage of this feature and give your home a touch of modern.


  1. Go Minimalist

Having appliances and storage out in the open can look at times cluttered. Take advantage of what your design experts have to offer by brainstorming creative ideas to hide everything from appliances to open storage. Some examples could be a curtain for your open storage areas or a small sliding door in front of the backsplash to conceal a toaster and coffee maker. By taking advantage of these creative “built-in” hiding techniques, you allow your countertops to appear clearer and your kitchen to feel cleaner.


  1. Try Something New

Instead of cluttering your drawers with utensils and tools why not incorporate pull out baskets into your kitchen? The norm of the kitchen has always been drawers with dividers but even with dividers drawers can still get too full and become difficult to open. You can circumnavigate this hassle by putting in cubical woven baskets that slide easily in and out of their storage spaces. While you may have to dig around a little, it gives your kitchen a clean, organized, and modern feel that will leave others in awe.


  1. Turn Your Island into Something Special

The kitchen island can be used for storage of dishes, ingredients, and utensils. The island can also be used to store seating as well. Turning your island into a bar with swing stools is a very modern look that saves as much space as possible. It allows for relaxed meals during the day and the extra seating is always stowed away right back under the overhang of your beautiful countertops.


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