central_u-shaped_kitchen.jpgIf you are considering remodeling or purchasing a new Central Florida kitchen it is a great opportunity to explore different kitchen layouts to make your kitchen more functional. The layout of your kitchen affects the flow, how you do things, and where kitchen work zones are placed. By exploring different layouts and finding the layout that fits your space and lifestyle will help you to be more satisfied with the overall outcome of your Orlando area kitchen remodel.

A popular and common kitchen layout that is worth considering is the U-shaped kitchen layout. It is basically in the shape of a U and is usually open to other areas of the home like a living room or great room. This layout is ideal for larger kitchens and has plenty of storage and countertop space. It is an extension of the galley kitchen with one wall that is closed off to add extra space for additional cabinets and appliances. It is known for its efficient design and is ideal for large families and bigger homes.

Many homeowners who entertain like this layout because it allows people to walk by to other areas of the home without interfering with the person who is cooking or working in the kitchen. If you are in the kitchen it allows you to know what is happening in the rest of the house and you dont have to miss out on the action.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design Tips

  • Decide on what activities will be happening in the kitchen to help you identify different work zones and where to place appliances and fixtures
  • If space allows include an island with additional seating and storage
  • Include a window to add natural light
  • Put the sink next to the dishwasher whether it is along the wall or in an island
  • Include a small under counter refrigerator for snacks and drinks
  • Include a convection or double oven
  • Move the refrigerator to the end of the U or out of the U-shape to increase countertop and storage space
  • Take advantage of interior storage options such as spice racks, pull out shelving and utensil organizers

If you are considering purchasing Central Florida kitchen cabinets for your upcoming Orlando kitchen remodel, Central Cabinetry would love to have a conversation with you. Not only do we offer affordable kitchen cabinets, but also our professional and trained kitchen designers can help you design and find the right kitchen layout for your Florida home. They will help you design a custom kitchen that fits the needs of your household. If you would like to contact us to set up a free initial kitchen design consultation and begin planning and choosing the layout for your new Florida kitchen you can contact us here.

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