Exotic wood counters floridaThe kitchen is where friends meet and memories are made; and in more recent years, it has also turned into the centerpiece of your home. If you ask any realtor or watch any of the design shows on TV, they will tell you that a great kitchen sells just about any home.

Through the years we have learned how to create personality in our kitchen designs, and countertops are no exception; they have come a long way from laminate. Dont get us wrong, laminate is still an excellent contender in the world of countertops for many reasons- however, there are many new choices available, and exotic woods are steadily on the rise.

They get better with time

If price is the driving factor in your remodel, then this may not be the route to take. However, if you do invest in this new high end trend you will not be disappointed; just like a good wine they only get better with time. Exotic woods are more expensive in part because they are so rare. They come in a variety of woods, and once you see samples you will be amazed at the simple yet striking beauty of these rich wood kitchen counters.

There are many patterns and colors which add to the warmth found in these different natural woods from around the world. Exotic woods are of course custom made, which increases the price, and it is important that they be installed by an experienced contractor.

Caring For Your Exotic Wood

A wood countertop is one of the most durable kitchen work surfaces available. Most manufacturers use a Tung oil finish, which is an organic food-safe finish. It seals the countertops so they are waterproof and extremely difficult to stain or burn, but they do require a re-oil every couple of years to keep their beauty, shine and durability.

To clean your exotic wood tops on a daily basis, just wipe down with a mild detergent that does not contain ammonia; and they can be disinfected with a vinegar solution. Marks, scratches and stains can be removed by lightly sanding the area with sandpaper (do not use steel wool) and then re-applying a Tung oil based finish to the sanded area. After 12 hours they will be safe for food preparation once again.

So if you are ready to get started on your Orlando area kitchen remodel with new exotic wood countertops, come visit us at Central Cabinetry. Let one of our expert designers help you pick out the perfect exotic wood for your Florida kitchen.

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