Modern kitchen remodel orlandoIf youre trying to decide on a look for your kitchen, youve likely come across a bunch of different styles in your research. There are many styles to fall in love with, so sometimes it can be difficult to decide on one. Its helpful to know traits of each and note what you like and dislike about them. Remember that styles can be mixed, as long as you choose elements that work with and complement each other, as well as the rest of your home.

In this post, we will explore some traits of a modern kitchen style. Remember, these are just general traits, and there are many more that can be classified as modern, but heres a good starting point for you to review.

Modern Kitchen Style

Clean, simple and natural Walk into a few modern kitchens, and youll instantly notice that they contain clean, sharp and simple lines. Everything from the simple cabinet hardware to hidden hinges on flat panel and frameless cabinet doors screams clean and sleek. Youll also notice the minimal ornamentation. In modern kitchens, the designers tend to rely on the beauty of the materials, such as lines in wood grain or veins in a slab of marble.

Horizontal lines Not only are the lines clean, but modern kitchens tend to have a focus on horizontal lines; from long lean islands and horizontal vent hoods to stacked horizontal drawer cabinets. This isnt to say there are no vertical lines, theyre most certainly there too, but the horizontal elements are often noticeable.

Industrial details and solid colors When you think of an industrial building, you might be thinking of concrete, metal and machinery as well as colors such as black and gray (and often red). These same details are often pulled into modern kitchen designs, where youll find everything from concrete floors and countertops to industrial professional looking appliances.

Stainless steel is a staple in these kitchens appliances, ventilation hoods, handles, backsplashes, and even countertops. Popular colors of modern kitchens are black, dark browns, whites and grays (but, of course other colors can be usedthose are just some popular ones).

Open flow An open flow allows for socialization in the kitchen as well as visibility, which urges the clean feel to continue. Natural light from large windows add to the openness and help create a welcoming ambiance where friends can gather.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient elements Since a popular trend in recent years is going green, eco-friendly additions can often be found in modern kitchens. These range from bamboo elements to reclaimed wood floors and energy efficient appliances.

If youre thinking about incorporating a modern style into your kitchen or bath remodel and are in the Orlando area, contact us for more information. Well be happy to go over other modern elements and help you decide if its a kitchen style that matches your needs.

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