Kitchen remodelWhen you first sat down to do some planning on your remodel, narrowing down your wants and needs, did you suddenly find yourself singing these Queen lyrics?:

“I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now”

Relaxthats a natural reaction. Looking at design magazines and dream kitchens on Pinterest can leave you yearning for everything.

Time to be realistic

As you get deeper into the remodeling process and see how much “having it all” costs, it usually quickly becomes apparent that you may have to leave out a few things. If you intend to add them in at a later date (or youd at least like to have the option), youll want to be mindful of your choices. Dont worry with careful planning, you and your designer can pinpoint some updates that will be more forgiving to add at a later date.

Difficult to change later

Some parts of the remodel can be quite difficult and expensive to update after initial remodeling has been done. For instance, layout changes If youre planning to rearrange the whole look and feel of the room, you probably wont want to do that right after youve updated your cabinets or countertops. A new layout will usually mean new measurements (so your existing pieces may not work seamlessly), changes in electricity and plumbing and often rethinking lighting and flooring options.

These are usually a bit easier

If you must leave something out until later, consider these:

  • Countertops Think of countertops as the icing on the cakeif youre not loving the icing, you can always scrape it off and re-ice with something better. Today, there are many inexpensive options available that can mimic the look youre trying to achieve, and its usually not difficult to swap them out for the real thing at a later date.
  • Hardware Cabinet knobs and pulls are small details that make a big difference. If youd like to update yours later, just be sure to stick with the same type and placement, as it isnt easy to cover up nail holes in your cabinet doors.
  • Appliances Assuming you stick with the same dimensions and layout, your appliances can be switched out without too much trouble when you have more funds.
  • Cabinet extras cabinet pull-out shelving and soft-close drawers are fabulous, but can often be added at a later date.

Dont feel like you have to include everything at once. You and your designer can work together to create the look you want to achieve within your comfort range and as budget allows, you can always expand upon that look if you plan well.

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