Central Remodel in Stages.pngIf youre struggling to put the budget together in order to pull off an entire kitchen remodel, you have options you might want to consider to save money. Ideally, its best to have a clean slate and do the entire job at one time (for your sanity as well!). That being said, many people dont have the ability to do it all at once like that. Fear not, there are some things you may be able to do to lessen the financial stress.

Take a look at breaking up your kitchen remodel into stages and do them a chunk at a time. Some things can be logically separated and done at different times, while some really need to be done together. Below we give you some ideas on which can be separated out.

Things that Need to be Done Together

Cabinets and Related Items Stage

Assuming cabinets are part of your remodel, below are the cabinet-related items to consider timing for.

  • Cabinets The main part of your kitchen remodel, many things revolve around cabinets.
  • Countertops Countertops have to be removed when the old cabinets are, so its probably necessary to do the tops at the same time. Its possible to keep your old tops for now if your new cabinets are exactly the same layout, but we recommend doing new countertops with the cabinets. Most of the time its not worth the effort and hassle.
  • Sheetrock If the walls where your cabinets are need work, clearly it should be done before cabinets are installed.
  • Electrical If there is electrical work required because of changes in your cabinets or appliances, it must be done with your cabinets. Some of this work is behind the cabinets and cant be done easily after. If you have other electrical work not attached to your cabinets, you may be able to wait on that part.
  • Plumbing Plumbing work that is connected to the cabinets, like the kitchen sink, must be done with the cabinets.
  • Painting Its much better to paint before your new cabinets go in (after old are out). For work effort and quality, youre better off getting the painting done then.
  • Structural Structural or wall changes obviously must be done before cabinets, if the cabinets are attached to the wall thats changing. Any other structural changes can wait if not constrained by cabinet placement.
  • Flooring There are many reasons that flooring should go in with your cabinets. Floors typically go up against the side and front of the cabinets so they are done at the same time. The exception is floating floors that can be done after the fact.

Things that Can Be Done as Separate Stage

  • Appliances Appliances can be expensive, and appliances can effectively be done any time after cabinets, with a few exceptions. You will need to know your future appliance general specs and sizes in order to ensure your new cabinets will accommodate your new appliances. In addition, if your appliances are not free standing (if theyre built in) they must be the same specs as your old ones. Otherwise they will not work with your new cabinets or countertops.
  • Backsplash Backsplash material can wait and be changed at any time with not a lot of worry.
  • Lighting Lighting is another item that can wait until later.
  • Plumbing Fixtures Most plumbing fixtures can be changed out at a later time. Again, you have to match the specs as the ones there currently if required.
  • Windows / Doors As with others, as long as they dont affect the cabinets they can be done at any time.

If you need to, get creative on how to accomplish things in a way you can afford. There are many things you can consider. At Central Cabinetry our designers are experts at knowing all about your project and can help you get it done the way you need. Well help you find a way to get it done.

If youre ready to see how it can work for your Orlando kitchen remodel, contact us here.

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