central_tub.jpgFor many homeowners the tub seems to something that takes up space and collects dust. One of the biggest bathroom trends in 2016 is throwing out the tub in place of an oversized shower. But should you jump on the bandwagon or is it something you might regret later?

Before deciding to throw out the tub from your Florida bathroom you will want to answer the following questions to determine if it is the right thing for your Orlando bathroom remodel.

Questions to Answer

How many bathrooms do you have in your home?

Who will be using your bathroom?

How will it affect your resale for the area in which you live?

How long do you plan on living in your home?

How often do you use your tub?

When you do use a tub what do you use it for?

What is the size of your bathroom?

If you talk to most realtors they will recommend that you have at least one bathroom with a tub in the house. If you only have one bathroom it might be a good idea to hang onto that tub.

You also need to consider the age of the individuals or pets that might need to use the tub. An oversized shower with universal design is ideal for almost any age unless you have young children.

There is the potential to save some money by eliminating the tub in the master bathroom. You can open up the bathroom and take advantage of adding some living room touches. You can use a small loveseat or couch in place of the tub. If you still love to soak in tub every now and then, you might consider a freestanding tub that opens up the bathroom.

If you are still not sure whether or not you should ditch the tub in your Florida bathroom remodel, the bathroom design experts at Central Cabinetry would love to have a conversation with you. They can show you the pros and cons of keeping a tub and introduce you to some more custom options that will add storage to your bathroom. To schedule a free initial consultation about designing a bathroom for your Florida home you can contact us here.

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