Central_Microwave_in_the_kitchenIt used to be that having a microwave in the kitchen was a luxury. Today it is almost unheard of to have a kitchen without one. Microwaves have become a huge part of our lifestyle and many families rely on them heavily in their food preparation.

In the past it was not uncommon to see the microwave sitting in the corner on the counter or on a rolling cart against a wall. As microwaves have become a part of the overall flow and function so has the importance of its placement.

The placement of the microwave in kitchen design has evolved over the years. First we saw microwaves that were placed above a range. This allowed for more valuable counter space to be utilized. Now we are seeing microwaves in a variety of places around the kitchen. Both universal design and overall function has led to a various different placements based on a kitchens work zones. The placement of the microwave depends on the overall design and lifestyle of the homeowner.

7 Microwave Placement Options

  1. Built-in The microwave is placed on a shelf and is framed in by a trim kit. Other wall cabinets usually surround it. This is one of the least expensive options.
  2. Central_microwaveoven_2Combined oven combination When people went back to range hoods it replaced the double oven. It is ideal for the homeowner who is not a cook. It also makes good use of space.
  3. Recessed in a wall – The wall is flush with the microwave. It sits just above countertop height. The best time to use this option would be when building a new home or when adding a new wall so it can be built deep enough to hold the microwave. You will need a skilled laborer to make it look right.
  4. Central_Microwave_DrawerIn an island This seems to be the newest trend and a lot of homeowners are choosing. The microwave sits below the countertop on a shelf or is built in to the island. It works well for families with children and allows them some independence. It has become very common with its universal design elements. One thing to think about is if you are taller it might require a lot of bending and could be hard on your back.
  5. central_microwave_drawer_2Microwave drawer The microwave is a drawer. It pulls out just like a drawer and you set your food down inside instead of having a door that opens outward. They can be placed in either an island or base cabinet.
  6. Appliance Hutch As we have gone towards making our kitchens a part of the woodwork this keeps it hidden and out of site. To most people it looks like an ordinary cabinet but is equipped with plugs and gives you a place to store all of your larger appliances.
  7. Central_Microwave_RangeOver a range This is still a pretty popular option, especially in smaller kitchens. It takes the place of the range hood and should be equipped with ventilation.

At Central Cabinetry our kitchen designers can help you decide where the microwave will be most beneficial in your kitchen design. They will take into account your different work zones and the lifestyle of your household. If you are ready to have a conversation about a new kitchen for you home you can contact us here.

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