central pets in kitchenMore and more it is less common to go into a home without pets than one with pets. Americans love their pets and many people consider them a part of their family. A recent study found that 68 percent of homes in America own some type of pet. Most of those homes have at least a dog or cat. Many have multiple pets.

Pets seem to be with us wherever we are. Since the kitchen has become the heart of the home it is only natural that they would spend time with us in the kitchen. When designing your Florida kitchen remodel, it only makes sense to include design elements for your pets as well. When you think about the time you spend with our pets its important to think of how your design and overall flow will affect them.

central pet food storageYou might be surprised at all the options you have that will cater to your family and pets. No need to trip over the food and water bowl anymore. Why not have a built in feeding stations.

The following are just a few things to discuss with your kitchen designer when you come in for your free kitchen design consultation.

Things to think about

  • Where will your pet food be stored?
  • Where will the feeding station for your pet be?
  • Are there items your pets are prone to get into such as trash?
  • What safety features will need to be included to keep your pet safe?

We dont have to ban our pets from the kitchen if we have the right kitchen design. Our designers at Central Cabinetry can help you make your Florida kitchen remodel pet friendly. We want your kitchen to be a place that you can enjoy with the whole family. If you are considering a new kitchen in the near future and would like to talk to one of our designers about a pet friendly options for your kitchen you can contact us here.

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