Central_White_Kitchen.jpgWhite kitchen cabinets have maintained their popularity over the last several years. According to the predicted kitchen trends for 2016 that popularity will continue. A recent Houzz survey predicts that 49 percent of homeowners will opt for white when choosing their kitchen cabinet color.

Some homeowners shy away from white kitchens because they feel they lack personality or can be too sterile. With the right combination of countertops, backsplash, and other decorating kitchen design elements, a white kitchen is anything but boring. Other homeowners are afraid a white kitchen is too hard to keep clean. In reality it is no more work to clean and maintain a white kitchen than any other color.

If you are considering choosing a white kitchen cabinet there are several kitchen design tips you will want to consider so your kitchen is full of personality and style.

  • Add a glaze finish to your white cabinet
  • Add a decorative range hood or a hood with a contrasting color
  • Use more than one countertop material
  • Give your kitchen a two-tone look by adding an island with a different cabinet color or finish
  • Add a creative backsplash
  • Add texture to create visual interest
  • Add color to your kitchen walls
  • Incorporate open shelving to display decorative dishes
  • Add furniture embellishments and crown molding
  • Add glass doors with interior lighting
  • Add light fixtures with contrasting finishes and metals
  • Choose decorative or unique kitchen cabinet hardware

Dont be afraid to go with those white kitchen cabinets you have always wanted. When choosing a white kitchen it is a popular kitchen color that wont go out of style. Our kitchen design professionals at Central Cabinetry can help you design a white kitchen that will WOW. If you would like to have a further conversation with one of our kitchen design experts about purchasing Orlando kitchen cabinets for your central Florida kitchen remodel you can contact us here.

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