Central Aging with KitchenWhen it comes to remodeling a kitchen it is usually because we are either looking for a more updated look or we need one that will help us function better. It is a big investment and not one that we want to have to turn around and do again in a short timeframe.

A lot of the activity in the house revolves around the kitchen. We want you to enjoy your kitchen for years to come. We thought we would share a few suggestions of things that we think will help you as you age that you may not be thinking about now. Not to mention, more and more of us are becoming responsible for the care of an elderly parent and we want them to feel comfortable in our home and still have a sense of independence.

Important Things to Consider in a Remodel

Accessibility of Items – We all want more storage but we dont want to have to reach to the back of cabinets or climb on things. You may want to consider installing pullout drawers for lower cabinets and a pull down shelves for upper cabinets. You might also consider having some cabinets with shelves and no doors for those frequently used items.

Organization No matter our age we can all benefit from an organized kitchen. Especially as we age our memory isnt as good as it used to be. There are many accessories that can be added to the interior of the kitchen cabinets to help you find things more easily and function better.

Countertops Chances are if you are changing out your cabinets you will want to change your countertops as well. Learn about your different countertop options and choose one that is durable and low maintenance. You might pay a little bit more for it in the beginning, but it will keep your kitchen looking great for many years and save you money and work. You might also consider including different heights of countertops in your kitchen to give you the flexibility to stand or sit when you work.

Hardware We recommend using the popular pull bars or a D shaped handles for your cabinets. They are easier to grasp and hold on to.

Location and depth of sink You might consider modifying or adjusting the height of your sink. You can also install a sink without a base cabinet to roll under if a family member is in a wheel chair. When this is the case, you can also simply put cabinet doors on the front that just have to be opened when you want to use the sink with a wheelchair. Another idea is to consider using a sink that is shallow so you dont have to bend or reach in so far.

Appliances The use of appliances has a big impact on a persons ability to be able to work in the kitchen. You may want to put your microwave down lower in a cabinet that can easily be reached. There are also refrigerator drawers. Consider getting a fridge with an illuminated ice and water dispenser. Many models today have slide out shelves that make it easier to take out and put things in. Should you choose to use a wall oven make sure the height is accessible to everyone.

Flooring Some floors tend to be more slippery when wet and can contribute to accidents and falls. While other types of flooring can cause friction and make it difficult to use a walker or wheel chair on. Our flooring specialists can help you figure out what is best without sacrificing style.

Lighting – As we age our eyesight isnt as good as it used to be. You may want to install under cabinet lighting so you can see what you are doing and also have adequate lighting for the kitchen. There is a variety of lighting fixtures that will add style to the kitchen, but also help you to see better.

Our professionals at Central Cabinetry want to help you have a kitchen that you will enjoy for years. You can contact us to look at your different options. We can not only help you design a kitchen that you will enjoy now and in the future, but also help you find the right flooring options.

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