Everyone wants that kids doing homework in the kitchendesigner kitchen. Sometimes not all kitchens are practical nor do they make sense if you have kids. So how do you get that designer kitchen, but one that still functions and meets the needs of your family? Here at Central Cabinetry our design experts know and understand that the kitchen is the central part of your home. A majority of the activity that happens in the home revolves around the kitchen.

We have some suggestions that we think you will find helpful in planning your kitchen.

  • Many families have a specific place for their children to do homework. No matter their age, most likely their homework involves some type of technology. Having a technology center in your kitchen can be a definite plus.
  • Central Cabinetry has a variety of shelves and cubbies that can be incorporated in your kitchen. You may want to even consider having a message center for all those important papers like student reading logs, calendars, and fieldtrip permission slips.
  • Parents are concerned about safety in the kitchen. Especially if you have toddlers. Use safety covers for knobs on appliances or have them at a level where they cannot be reached. Its important to also consider the edges on countertops. Many of them can be just the right height for a child to run into.
  • Consider the type of flooring that you put in the kitchen. Kids tend to have more drops and spills. You may want flooring that is resistant to stains and scratches. You may also want to choose a flooring that is easier to clean and lower maintenance. Our Experts here at Central Cabinetry can give you the pros and cons of the different flooring options you have.
  • Talk to a kitchen expert about the different woods and finishes on your cabinets as well as the appliances you choose. Some tend to show more fingerprints and stains than others.
  • Children benefit from having items they use frequently accessible. Put things that your children use at a level they can reach so they dont have to climb on counters and chairs to get to them. It helps develop your childs independence and you can avoid those unwanted accidents.
  • Lastly, let our experts show you how to care for your cabinets. Its just a matter of time before kids handprints and fingerprints with remnants of food on them will become noticeable in the finish of your cabinets. Unless you know how to care for them.

Our Kitchen experts at Central Cabinetry in the Orlando area would love to help you design a family friendly kitchen. You can contact us to schedule an appointment.

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