central cabinetry island style and functionIslands in todays kitchens have become a major focus of the overall design and function. It used to be that the island was used for extra storage and countertop space. The purpose and use of islands has changed over the years. Islands are so much more than storage. They add to the style, function, and overall flow of the modern kitchen. Its not uncommon to see appliances, sinks, and even bookcases included. They have in many ways become the focal point around which a majority of the activity of the kitchen revolves around.

Getting the right kitchen island depends on the overall layout and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Dont settle for just any ordinary kitchen island; work with your kitchen to designer to get an island that will make the kitchen the heart of the home.

There are two important things to consider when including an island in your Orlando Kitchen remodel. You need to first determine its overall function. Think how will it become a transition zone for cooking, cleaning, food prep and entertaining? Second, how will it add to the overall style of the kitchen? At Central Cabinetry we can help you build a better kitchen island.

Things to Consider About Function

  • Where will the cleaning and majority of the food prep take place?
  • Do you have room to include extra seating?
  • Are there any small appliances such as a warming drawer, microwave, or even a small fridge that would work well in your island?
  • What storage options will be most beneficial to the activities that will revolve around the island?
  • Do you have enough electrical outlets located in the right place?
  • What height of countertop do you need?
  • If you are including a range or stove do you need a special countertop that is heat resistant?
  • What type of ventilation will be needed?
  • Do you want to include a sink and if so what size?

Things to Consider about Style

  • What color and finish of cabinets are you using?
  • Do you want your island to be a different color than the rest of the kitchen?
  • Will your island countertop be the same as the rest of the kitchen or will you choose to use a different countertop material?
  • Are you looking for your island to resemble a piece of furniture by adding furniture feet and other living room touches such as a bookcase on the end to store cookbooks?
  • Will you island be more decorative with glass doors and other embellishments?
  • What type of lighting will be used over the island?
  • What style of cabinets do you plan on using? Are you going for a traditional, transitional, or contemporary look?
  • What cabinet moldings and embellishments will add to the style of your kitchen island?

At Central Cabinetry our designers can help give your kitchen a custom look by helping you design an island with both style and function. Our designers understand that no two households are the same. We can help you customize your kitchen island so it not only compliments the rest of your kitchen but also serves its purpose and adds to the overall flow and function of the kitchen. If you would like to be contacted by one of design experts about different options we offer and to discuss other ideas you may have for your Orlando kitchen remodel click here and one of our kitchen design professionals will contact you.

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