Each year kitchen studies are conducted to help identify the current trends and what seems to be the Hot selling point in kitchens. They are able to identify those things that consumers want most to help guide the kitchen cabinet industry. They also let you know about the latest and greatest must haves.

It is not only important for professionals in the industry to know what the current trends are, but the consumer as well. What someone puts in their kitchen impacts both the resale and value of their home.

One reliable source that publishes a trend study is Houzz.com. They publish this information so others can learn and benefit from them.

Here is a snapshot of a study that was conducted about the most current trends in kitchens.

Motivations for Choosing to Remodel

This study shows that most people wanted to improve the overall look and feel of their living space in their remodel. They also wanted to improve the overall function and improve their storage space.

Houzz Motivations

Floor Plan

Almost three-fourths of those studied (77%) opted for“open” kitchenswhere they were open to adjacent rooms. Of those who chose the open kitchens, another majority (61%) also put a kitchen island in.

Granite the Rock of Choice

While Granite still rules, Quartz is gaining popularity. Mixing countertop materials is also an upcoming trend.


Kitchen Styles

No need to wonder what age group prefers what style. Look at the chart below to see how you compare with the results.

Spoiler Alert! Young People = Contemporary, Old People = Traditional. No big surprise there.

Houzz Design Style

When deciding to remodel its important to not only consider what YOU want, but also what future owners may or may not want. Understanding these trends will guide you in a direction that will be most valuable and give you the biggest return on your investment. However, if you plan on staying for a while, trends may change by the time you sell. Thats a different article on predicting the future.

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