central_designer_vision.jpgBy the time people decide to call a cabinet company for the first time, they usually already have an idea of what they want their new kitchen to look like. They may know the color, the style, and even the finish of cabinets they want in their Orlando kitchen, but may have questions on layout or be unsure of how make it work for their space. Communicating the vision of their future kitchen to the kitchen designer they are working with can sometimes be a difficult task. There is nothing worse than having an idea in your mind of what you want and then getting something completely different than you expected.

Kitchen designers are experienced and trained in knowing not only kitchen terms and their meanings, but also how different finishes, cabinet colors, and styles work together. The typical homeowner usually doesnt have this kind of experience. The homeowner may think they know what they are asking for, but actually use a term that has a completely different meaning. An example of this is when a homeowner wants a modern style kitchen with contemporary elements, but asks for a contemporary kitchen style instead. When this happens, they give their designer a vision different than what they were thinking. To avoid this, here are a few ideas of what you can do to share your vision of your Orlando kitchen with your designer.

  • Use pictures– Collect images of the type of cabinets, countertops, cabinet finishes etc. that you would like to use in your kitchen. If there is a unique kitchen storage option you want or type of crown molding, it helps your designer to see what you like.
  • Source your images – If you found images on the Internet, dont forget to put down the source so that your designer can return to the website to get other necessary details.
  • Choose a kitchen style that fits your personality – Often times the new style of kitchen isnt exactly the style that we want. Dont get sucked into the current kitchen trends if theyre not what you want. If the newer trends dont mesh well with you, be sure to discuss them with your designer before you get a kitchen that you dont care for.
  • Prioritize your list of kitchen design elements in order of importance. If cabinet space is of utmost importance then your designer should know that. If you plan on including a wet bar or drink station then you should mention that at your initial meeting.

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At Central Cabinetry we have kitchen design experts that have been trained to work with to give you the kitchen you have always wanted. Well work to make the vision of your dream kitchen a reality by researching and designing what you want beforehand. Well show you design options that you may not have known existed. Central Cabinetry also has the benefit of computer kitchen design software that will let you see your kitchen before you decide. You can be confident that you are getting the kitchen you envisioned. If you are interested in talking to one of our designers about purchasing Orlando kitchen cabinets and countertops, you contact us here to get started.

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