Hardwood floorsWhen it comes to a bathroom remodel, we all know that flooring is a huge part of the project. Not only do you want to choose something that makes your bath sparkle and look brand new, you also need to pick something that is going to stand up to the moisture that comes with the space.

Bathrooms are notorious for water, after all isnt that what taking a shower is all about? And because of that, you need to pick a material that isnt going to absorb or be ruined by moisture (yeah that means carpet isnt a great choice).

Flooring Options

The best flooring options for your bathroom are going to be ones that can be easily cleaned, wont grow mold, and are generally comfortable to stand on. Weve got plenty of ideas when it comes to which material to choose, and have laid out the benefits of each one below:

  • Hardwood With the warm cozy feeling it gives off, you can really make your bathroom feel like a retreat. Hardwood is great for a bathroom because it can be wiped down easily and resists stains if sealed properly.
  • Ceramic Tile Being the most popular choice for areas that come in contact with a lot of moisture, ceramic tile comes in many sizes, patterns, and colors.
  • Stone Another popular option, stone flooring gives a luxurious look to your bathroom and can stand up to the wetness. Be careful though, stone can get pricey.
  • Laminate Flooring There have been tons of advances in laminate flooring, so its not going to look like the builders grade stuff youre trying to get rid of. As long as it is installed properly, this is a DIY project if youve got that renovation itch.
  • Concrete New to the home flooring scene, concrete flooring is a durable option that doesnt need much maintenance. If youre looking to heat your floors in the bathroom, this is the ideal material for that. Just make sure to periodically reseal your concrete floors to prevent damage caused by moisture.

Picking your flooring is a matter of knowing what you want and what is best for the space. Doing your research before you start planning your bath remodel will help you understand the key differences between materials when it comes to durability, price and maintenance. If youre looking to update your Central Florida bathroom, contact one of our team members for a consultation.

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