Countertops 2019The countertop is one of the focal points in your kitchen. You can have an amazingly designed Orlando kitchen, but a poorly chosen countertop can ruin the entire feel all by itself.

Along with the look when choosing a countertop, its important to include the durability in the decision so it will last and require less maintenance. The following tips will help you determine the material and style of countertop that will work best for your Orlando kitchen remodel.

Tips for Choosing a Countertop

  • Choose a countertop with character. Consider a top with veins or patterns that mix with and compliment your kitchen surroundings.
  • Neutral colors are good! Soft grey, white and beige tones are some of the most popular colors in 2019. Paint and accessories change over time so you will want something that will allow you to change dcor.
  • Find a countertop that is durable and wont easily scratch, stain or burn. Quartz is an obvious example because of its ability to resist damage and low-maintenance requirements. If style is your higher goal, look at accents or options like wood, concrete, glass or slate to shake things up.
  • Determine what your countertops will be used for mostly. If you just want a beautiful kitchen to entertain and dont cook a lot than you may decide marble is a better option.
  • Consider wood as an accent on an island to show contrast.
  • When choosing a stone make sure you understand the quality and grade of the countertop.

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