Before and After Picts.pngMany homeowners have I wish I would have moments after doing a kitchen remodel thinking about what they could have done but didnt. Many times, these are things like options they wish they would have added but didnt.

One of the most common regrets homeowners have is NOT related to cabinets at all. So frequently Its I WISH I wouldve taken before and after pictures of my remodel!. They have this head-slapping regret as soon as a friend asks them do you have pictures?.

The reason its so common is that during a remodel its easy to get so caught up in the preparation and all the activities surrounding your project that by the time you think about it the kitchen is almost done. Too late! UGH!

Here are some tips to make sure you dont miss the opportunity, and get the best shots possible.

Take Your Before Picture NOW

The only prerequisite for taking your before pictures is tidying up so you can be happy with how it looks. DO IT NOW! The before picture is the one you CANT get back once kitchen tear-out begins.

Transition Pictures

Many people would like to see what their kitchen looks like in transition. Once the kitchen is torn out, grab some snapshots. Again, you get one shot at grabbing these before the opportunity is gone forever. If you want these, set a reminder on your phone to pop up on the date your schedule says tear-out will be done.

After Pictures – Relax

The after pictures usually wait until you have it all setup the way you want and decorated. After all, you want to show off the new COMPLETE kitchen as perfect as you can get it to look.

The Camera

Most newer smartphones have good cameras and the quality is good enough for high quality pictures. The one thing you need to account for is lighting. You may need some help to create lighting good enough so its not such a dark picture. If this is a problem a better DSLR camera can account for it.

Get a Panorama!

Most smartphones also have a panorama option (if they dont you can download a camera app that will). Panoramas are a great way to really capture the feel of your kitchen. Make sure you capture good panoramas of your before and after kitchen.

IMPORTANT TIP: Take the same pictures (same direction and angle) for before as you do for the after. Its the best way to show the drastic difference for family and friends to see.

Share it With the World!

Enjoy this great time of having an amazing new kitchen to show off to your family and friends. Post pictures on social media and share your great new kitchen with them. Look for a collage app for your phone where you can combine your pictures into a sharable collage.

At Central Cabinetry, well make sure you get the kitchen you cant wait to share with the world. Give us a call here to begin the process.

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