coffee croissantCoffee has become a morning staple for many Americans. From exotic designer blends to a cup of straight black coffee, we all seem to have our personal favorites. So, why not make coffee a permanent part of the kitchen?

Coffee stations big and small

If you truly love coffee, then youre doing yourself a disservice if you only have a simple coffee maker sitting on your counter. To become your own barista and get the true experience, you could consider adding a few things to your coffee station – such as a grinder, cup warming drawer, and small refrigerator. The warming drawer and refrigerator are deluxe options, but they can make your morning or evening coffee routine the highlight of your day.

Where to place your coffee station is a good question. Near a sink is always a good option to allow for easy clean up; or creating an area that can be hidden by cabinet doors will keep your kitchen from looking cluttered. That is, unless you consider your coffee station a masterpiece.

See pictures of some designated coffee stations here.