Kitchen cabinets orlando

When embarking on the kitchen remodel journey for the first time, it may be tricky for kitchen buyers to initially pinpoint the most beneficial starting place. We find it a common occurrence for homeowners to choose countertops or appliances first, leaving minimal budget for the biggest piece of the puzzle your kitchen cabinets.

Whether an appliance malfunction is the spark that finally ignites your remodel project, or you just cant wait to finally install a beautiful slab of granite, its important to go about your project plans in an organized fashion, beginning with the foundational pieces, and working your way to the rest of the details.

Kitchen cabinets should be the starting focus of your remodel.

As you can see from our budget calculator, kitchen cabinets should take up the healthiest portion of your budget in many cases. They are arguably the most important element of your kitchen (try to imagine a kitchen with no cabinets), and the first place your eye leads when you walk into the room. Skipping to the appliances or countertops first would be like frosting and decorating a cake before you even choose the flavor. It just limits your options and sets you up for a potentially difficult situation further down the road.

So, after you identify an overall purpose for your project and key must have items, you should begin with the kitchen cabinets. This will ensure you keep the flexibility to redesign your kitchen in the most optimal way for your particular situation. While your kitchen should be beautiful, it is also important to keep it functional. Trying to choose cabinetry after choosing countertops and appliances will limit your options in the ways of efficiency and design.

And lets face itchoosing kitchen cabinets is fun. They set the overall tone of your room and can speak volumes of your personality and style, areas you dont want to dilute.

If youre planning to remodel and have any questions about your starting point, feel free to reach out to us for some pointers.

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