If you are considering remodeling a kitchen or Central Big Box Storesbathroom you have probably been to Lowes or Home Depot to see what they have. You might even be thinking that you are saving money if you go through one of these Big Box stores. Truth is you are most likely paying just as much, if not more and sacrificing a lot. A recent article tells why it is more advantageous to use a cabinet dealer over a Big Box store.

When you go through a cabinet dealer you are typically getting a more experienced designer. Many designers begin their training in a Big Box store and once they are good enough generally leave and go to work for a cabinet dealer.

There are several reasons for this. First, cabinet dealer designers have a much greater earning potential than at a Big Box store, especially if they are good. This is simply a result of the structure of a dealership over a Big Box store and how they pay employees.

Second, cabinet dealer designers are solely focused on the customers that come in to design their kitchen or bath. They are not required to spend their time leading people to the gardening or plumbing sections of the store and spending hours answering questions that dont have anything to do with kitchens.

Third, cabinet dealer designers typically have standard hours of work (instead of nights and weekends), and their dealerships are more efficient at doing kitchens & baths. A dealers operation is based locally and they have set of trusted installers that they depend on to do the work. They are generally able to handle problems more efficiently and quickly because of the control they have over installers and other people required to get the job done.

For these reasons and others (described in this article), customers in general are more satisfied with the end result when using a cabinet dealer instead of a Big Box store.