central_remodel_budget.jpgOne of the most important conversations to have (with yourself or a significant other) before you begin the process of doing a remodel is your budget. Its not a fun conversation typically, and can be uncomfortable to have to place limits on your dream result, but it makes everything easier to know what the boundaries will be before you begin.

To help you get a complete budget, follow these budgeting tips below and youll be prepared.

Plan Early – One of the first things a kitchen designer should ask you is what is your budget for the project. If they dont, theyre not able to steer your specifically toward what you want and need and will potentially spend their time on things you wont be able to do. Help them be most efficient with your time (and theirs) and get right to the solution for you from day 1 by knowing what you can and will spend on your project.

Get Complete Quotes Make sure when the quoting process begins the quotes include everything necessary for the project. Is installation included? Does it have the hardware for the cabinets you need? Does it include the necessary work to complete it, like having a plumber disconnect and re-connect plumbing after installation? What about electrical work? If not, make sure you have quotes for all the areas that will need to be done. And if youre comparing quotes, ensure its apples to apples what each is proposing.

Understand Pricing Sometimes if you wait too long a quoted price goes up. Look at how long the quote is good for, and time it accordingly. You dont need surprises before you even start. And if you got a quote a year ago, expect that it could cost more today.

Have a Backup Plan for Budget Its a good idea to plan for the unexpected. Problems may arise in the house project that require more work. That could cost more money and if your budget is maxed your scrambling trying to come up with more. If possible, come up with a 20% contingency to give you cushion just in case.

Also, statistics show that 30% of people doing a remodel wish they wouldve done more after its all done. Dont run out of money to do the extra thing that would really make you happy because you didnt make room for it in the budget. You may not realize some of those things until late in the game.

For more information on how to plan a budget for a kitchen and bath remodel head the Houzz article here.

At Central Cabinetry, we can help you right up front to understand everything necessary to have the best remodel possible. We know all the opportunities for you, the pitfalls and the gotchas. We can put a plan in place to make you completely happy with your result.

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